The jackpot is your win!

1 Jackpot

Raffle among players who make deposits. The winners are 5 players who have deposited more than the minimum amount of money. The timer can be updated (set to 5 minutes) if a payment is received.

2 Fighting

Take part! Make any payment in Taxi-money and become a contender for the Jackpot!
A payment made in the last 5 minutes sets the timer to 5 minutes, and the minimum amount for participation increases.

3 Winner

If there are no payments within five minutes before the end of the raffle, the prizes are distributed as follows:
1 place - 80% of the jackpot
2 place - 10% of the jackpot
3 place - 5% of the jackpot
4 place - 3% of the jackpot
5 place - 2% of the jackpot


There are no active Jackpots yet.
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Time in the game: 20:30